Debbie Radcliffe

Debbie is a freelance community planner. Since 1995 she has participated in over 80 events with JTP as a workshop facilitator and as part of the editorial team. She is also a skilled researcher of local history. One of her roles is to talk to key players and hard-to-reach groups in advance of a Community Planning Weekend.

Debbie worked with JTP on Yorkshire Forward’s Renaissance programme in Scarborough and her diary of animation and research was published as a Cultural Audit of the town. She was subsequently asked to speak about her work in Scarborough at a conference on Culture and Regeneration.

Debbie is a graduate of Exeter University’s Drama & English department and continues to balance her community planning work with professional acting roles on stage and screen.

She is an artist and photographer and has also written a number of short stories that were broadcast on radio. She has travelled extensively throughout the world and always keeps a sketchbook to hand.

Our people are the heart of who we are.