Our approach is unique
Collaborative Placemaking


Understanding the DNA of a place is fundamental to successful placemaking. We don’t stop until we get under the skin of a place and identify what makes it special.


Engaging stakeholders and clients encourages understanding, creates shared ownership and the construction of a collective vision.  We use participatory techniques pioneered over two decades to build collaborative visions for our projects with the very people who will go on to use them.


Creating begins with the visioning process and ends with physical interventions. Along the way there are many issues to resolve and many actions to co-ordinate.

These participatory techniques can be applied at any scale of project, and have been shown to accelerate the decision-making process, break down barriers and achieve a common sense of ownership.

Community Planning

JTP has pioneered and honed participatory techniques and co-design processes for over 28 years, with a dedicated Community Planning team, who successfully engage communities, stakeholders, and local authorities in our projects.


Charrettes are intense, time-efficient and highly productive workshops – with a flexible, design-orientated format – that bring together a broad range of well-informed minds to generate a vision in a very short period of time.

Fundamental to this process is facilitating the full expression of ideas in an equitable forum and collaborative environment, encouraging the cross-seeding of ideas

Collaborative working is at the heart of our ethos. We are highly skilled at facilitating dialogue and creative processes, in ways that bring together contributors from a diverse spectrum of backgrounds to deliver a successful Vision.

Our approach is unique.