Khushi Patel
Architectural Assistant

As a graduate from the University of Nottingham with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Khushi joined JTP as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant.

Since joining JTP she has aided in creating hand-painted foam massing models for an ongoing feasibility scheme in Romford, located in the London Borough of Havering. Additionally, she is currently involved in the transformation of Beckton Gasworks into a mixed-use neighbourhood with shops, cafes, restaurants, new homes and vast biodiverse open spaces.

Khushi is passionate about creating spaces for all and deviating from the norm of architecture standards. Her thesis project at university was centred on co-housing people with visual impairment and creating an atmosphere which encourages living together in harmony. Architecturally she focused on creating life in between buildings and the importance of architecture not just being about tangible and technical features.

Outside of the office, Khushi enjoys playing the piano and partaking in volunteering opportunities globally. In 2018, she spent two weeks exploring Romania by building a vegetable patch and playground for an after-school club and in 2022 had the opportunity to travel to South Africa to help construct a creche which had been designed by her and three of her fellow peers at university.

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