Will Edwards
Architectural Assistant

Will joined JTP as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant after completing his undergraduate degree at The University of Sheffield. During his time at university, he explored his primary interest in effective image design through researching sonic architecture and the importance that it has on user experience. He was additionally an avid committee member of the university’s architecture society, SUAS, where he promoted inclusivity within the society’s social calendar.

Since being at JTP, Will has gained experience working at a range of scales primarily for Kew Retail Park. The project has allowed him to further his understanding in sustainable design and the value of designing a place through community-collaborative design. Creating homes that are considerate of a local, social context is something of particular interest to Will and has provided the opportunity to mature his own design process.

Will’s architectural interests stem from environmental design and understanding the cognitive and behavioural implications that the built form can have on existing places. Due to this, he is determined to engage with the built environment in a community-centric way, whilst retaining a carbon-considerate approach to architecture. His passion for sustainable design is something that he practiced at university, with his final project having a strong environmental agenda that was considerate of local biodiversity planning regulations. He has been able to further this interest at JTP with a visit to HIVE apiaries which he is in the process of writing a Monologue for entitled “Cohabiting with Biodiversity”

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