Tassneem Ashi
Architectural Assistant

Tassneem is a Part 1 Architectural Assistant at JTP. She completed her undergraduate degree in Architecture at the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff.

Since joining the practice, Tassneem has been working on Detailed Planning Application for Weyside Phase 3 in Guildford. This fully Passivhaus, design led scheme echoes the Victorian character prevalent along the River Wey and when built will deliver 190 new homes provided via a mix of terraced homes and 100% dual aspect deck access apartment buildings. She was also involved in the Community Planning Weekend for Otterpool Park, a strategic urban design project in the south-east of England, whereby community engagement and involvement of local residents was of key importance to the development of the scheme.

During her studies, Tassneem developed a passion for honesty of material and ethnographic analysis. Her final thesis looked at using an in depth analysis of materials local to the west of England and Bristol, Bristol Harbour, to use in the design of a Montessori school, which put an emphasis on the learning of indigenous and biodiverse practices withing the syllabus of the school itself. The project was aimed at forging inter-generational relationships between students and artisans in the adjacent boat yard in an aim to develop a deeper understanding of a key area of England, and ensure its longevity against the imminent effects of climate change.

Outside the office, Tassneem enjoys ballet, yoga and loves to read. She also spends a large amount of time working on voluntary social justice and diversity campaigns.

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