Rosie Puddicombe
BSc MArch

Rosie is an Architect at JTP based in our London studio.

She has a keen interest in urban design, developed whilst studying for her Masters in the Architecture and Urbanism studio at the University of Portsmouth. Her thesis explored the themes of contextualism, retrofit and the realisation of a proactive planning system. These ideas have continued to influence her work in practice which has included strategic masterplans, listed buildings conversions, enabling developments and Paragraph 79 dwellings within National Parks, and transformative school expansions.

Since joining JTP, Rosie has built on her experience of masterplanning projects around the UK, including Highcroft in Wallingford. This landscape-led neighbourhood of 555 homes will be stitched seamlessly into the urban grain of the market town and the countryside beyond, becoming known for its sense of community, high quality buildings, sustainable design and attractive green spaces.

Outside of the office, Rosie struggles to leave architecture behind completely and can be found soaking up the culture on city breaks or, more commonly, stripping wallpaper as she tackles home renovations.

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