Nalinee Hanpiyavatanasakul
Architectural Assistant
BA (Hons)

Nalinee joined JTP as a Part I Architectural Assistant after completing her BA (Hons) in Architecture at the University of Sheffield. Her final project was named The Nest and was based in Kingston Upon Hull. The scheme aimed to provide a community garden centre for immigrants residing within the area.

Since joining the practice, Nalinee has engaged in several projects including a residential projects and mix-uses at different scales. She is currently contributing to the Great North Leisure Park, a high-density scheme in North Finchley where she has particularly enjoyed developing hand-drawn sketches. She is also working on Spurgeon’s College, a smaller scale housing project in South Norwood, where she was involved in displaying a series of atmospheric visuals for the scheme.

Nalinee’s architectural interest stems from the belief that architecture and spaces that consider the impact of social, economic and cultural factors should be the forefront of design. She has explored these within other work during her degree.

Outside of work Nalinee enjoys drawing, travelling and exploring different galleries and exhibitions.

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