Jordan Perry
Architectural Assistant
BSc (Hons)

Jordan joined JTP as a Part I Architectural Assistant after completing his BSc (Hons) in Architecture at the University of East London.

During his undergraduate degree, Jordan established a keen interest in community design and the poetics of the natural environment and space through understanding the visceral feelings created through light and shadow.

His final project in his degree aimed to create a space for cultural production for musicians and artists in the neighbourhood of Bonfim in Porto, Portugal. Jordan enhanced the biodiversity of the site through planting a new forest of indigenous trees and created new links to local green parks and existing forests. A rammed earth tower housed rented studio spaces for the local community and a demountable steel structure that encourages community interaction wrapped around the tower.

Outside of the office, Jordan enjoys playing electric guitar in a band and travelling to new places to understand different cultures and their interactions with the built environment.

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