Ellie Piper
Architectural Assistant
BA (Hons), MPhil

Ellie is a Part II Architectural Assistant at JTP’s London Studio. She holds an MPhil in Architecture and Urban Design from the University of Cambridge and a BA (Hons) in Architecture from the University of Sheffield.

Since joining JTP, Ellie has contributed to various high and low-density projects, building upon her previous experience in the residential sector. Currently, Ellie is working on multiple projects in both rural and urban environments. Notable among these are the Great North Leisure Park and South Way in Wembley, both high-density proposals in north London. Additionally, she is helping to deliver a capacity study in Oxford, which aims to deliver over 700 new homes as part of a broader strategic masterplan.

Ellie is passionate about social value and community engagement in architecture. Her MPhil thesis explored collective ownership housing models and self-built architecture, as spatial strategies to empower women in marginalised communities in Istanbul. At JTP, Ellie has continued to pursue these interests by participating in JTP’s Equality, Inclusion, and Diversity Working Group and engaging in an outreach programme with secondary school students.

Outside of work, Ellie enjoys travelling, rowing, and going to art exhibitions and the theatre.

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