Astrid Guthier
Urban Designer

Astrid’s motto is to ‘Learn. Explore. Innovate. Inspire. Repeat’. She thoroughly enjoys urban research and sharing knowledge, and as an Urban Designer at JTP, Astrid has undertaken numerous collaborative studies to learn how to design more sustainably, including a street width study. This study highlights how narrower streets can help maximise land and minimise embodied carbon across a neighbourhood.

Additionally, Astrid has worked with the team on multiple exciting projects including Worcestershire Parkway – a ‘town centre first’ new settlement allocated for up to 10,000 homes and diverse employment opportunities, developed over 30 years on a phased basis. Astrid enjoys considering how the landscape and our lifestyles will evolve in the future, and consequently how the design of masterplans such as that of Worcestershire Parkway can be adapted over time to accommodate these inevitable changes.

Prior to her professional career, Astrid was acknowledged as the Top Performing Student during her Town Planning studies at Cardiff University, before achieving a Distinction in Urban Design where she discovered her true passion in creative placemaking and sustainable urban regeneration.

Beyond her professional career, Astrid is enthusiastic about exploring new places and understanding diverse cultures and architectural design around the world. She loves to capture these moments through photography and 3-second films.

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