MONOLOGUES: Gender Mainstreaming in Urban Planning
The places and spaces around us shape the way we live and experience our everyday lives. Syon Yoon, Urban Designer at JTP, discusses why it is crucial that as built environment professionals, we do not overlook the diversity of our cities and plan to provide equal opportunities for everyone regardless of gender, age, culture and social background.
Women represent the largest share of public transport users around the world – yet still, many face barriers that limit their mobility.
Even the simplest form of gender-sensitive interventions, such as easier access to public transport, wider pavements and ramps for pushchairs and prams have improved the everyday experience for women in Vienna. Credit: Dan Visan.
Gender mainstreaming often has an indirect, rippling effect on creating an overall inclusive city. Credit: Huy Phan.
Having an all-female team has been hugely beneficial in integrating a gender dimension which ultimately promotes inclusivity for everyone.