Sustainable Urbanism: The City as an Eco-System

In many ways concentrations of population could, and should, be the most sustainable form of human development. Unlike their suburban counterparts that sprawl out across the landscape, the best mixed-use city neighbourhoods are compact and efficient, help produce economic synergies, encourage the sharing of resources such as public transport, and act as containers for healthy social interaction.

In this article JTP questions whether our urban environments could ever emulate the efficacy of a natural eco-system.

Download Sustainable Urbanism: The City as an Eco-System (PDF, 1.26 MB)

Bioclimatic Design

JTP has been pioneering bioclimatic design for the last ten years, embedding these principles in our projects across a range of climate zones. We have developed a robust design methodology to ensure we truly understand the climatic, cultural and site specific context of a project which enables us generate integrated tailor made strategies and solutions.

Download Bioclimatic Design (PDF, 1.41 MB)