Sandra Kopatz

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Sandra Kopatz

Senior Architect
Dipl.-Ing. Arch ARB

Sandra is an senior architect. Her expertise includes the planning and development of large scale construction projects in the residential and commercial sector and the production of numerous masterplans, studies and strategic visions in the UK and China.

Sandra is currently leading the planning application for the second phase at Wawne View in Hull, which includes the delivery of approximately 700 new homes, parklands, community greens and allotments. The new development will establish a sequential storyboard of experiences, spaces and buildings with a complementary yet distinctive sense of place.

Other recent projects Sandra has played a role on include a new development at Allerton Bywater, a former mining community in West Yorkshire, where the team is delivering 189 new homes and the design and development of new homes across the Manor, Earl Marshal, Shirecliffe and Falstaff areas of Sheffield.

Sandra is currently leading the planning applications for a number of sites in Hull, which comprise the delivery of approximately 2,000 new homes, a new school extension and a neighbourhood centre. She is also working on the final phase of the Mill O’ Mains Community Regeneration Masterplan in Dundee, comprising 45 new homes including homes for wheelchair users and residents with complex needs.

As part of the Scottish Government Charrette Mainstreaming Programme Sandra participated two separate ‘whole town' Community Charrettes in Thurso and Wick to assist The Highland Council to formulate preferred and alternative land use strategies for each town.

Sandra has been involved in a number of architectural publications, as well as the co-ordination and collation of the Edinburgh Urban Room exhibition.