Naomi White

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Naomi White

Architectural Assistant
BArch MArch

Having completed her Masters in Architecture degree at Newcastle University, Naomi joined JTP’s London studio as a Part II Architectural Assistant.

During her time at JTP, Naomi has worked on multiple residential masterplans including a new sustainable urban extension of up to 15,000 homes at Radio Station Rugby and an illustrative masterplan for Barnham. She has contributed to the team by working on the project design codes, design and access statements and feasibility studies.

Naomi’s primary interests include the development of low-rise, high-density housing and the initial research into the context surrounding a new project. These interests are driven by a strong admiration for the people orientated studies of Jane Jacobs and Jan Gehl.

Originally from Lancashire, Naomi is more of a country bumpkin at heart and loves to escape to the countryside whenever she gets the chance. Outside of work, Naomi can be found building her new pond in the garden and enjoys painting portraits of her pets.