Mankiran Kundi

About Us

Mankiran Kundi

Architectural Assistant
BSc (Hons)

Mankiran joined JTP as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant after graduating from her degree in BSc Architecture at Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL.

Since joining JTP, Mankiran has assisted on concept designs and diagrammatic drawings for Design Review and bid presentations. She is currently working on several residential projects, including Springfield Hospital, which focuses on new homes and has a special emphasis on the placemaking and public realm in a site near Springfield Hospital. Through this project, Mankiran has expressed her creativity and passion for collaborative work and placemaking.

Mankiran is particularly interested in social architecture and the innovative ways in which communities can benefit from the built environment by making buildings more meaningful to communities.

In her final year at university, Mankiran focussed on biophilic principles through a project which replicated public realm and placemaking architecture. The idea concentrated on the benefits of biophilic design on people’s mental health and how self-coping mechanisms can be enhanced through exhibition spaces and interior pockets of quietness.

Outside of JTP, Mankiran loves cooking, baking, applying mehndi (henna), and patiently enhancing new artistic skills like painting.