Lydia Owen

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Lydia Owen

Architectural Assistant
BArch (Hons)

Lydia joined JTP as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant after completing her Bachelors degree at the Oxford School of Architecture.

During her time at university, Lydia established a keen interest in socially conscious design, aiming to preserve the essence of a place through form, materiality, and the consideration of present and future users.

Lydia is particularly interested in storytelling and creating schemes with a strong narrative. In her final year at university, she explored how space can establish a sense of identity. The scheme in Whitehaven, Cumbria saw the introduction of an archive for local myths and legends which would encourage the culture of storytelling through its architectural form. She enjoys producing illustrative drawings which communicate these narratives.

Outside of architecture, Lydia enjoys anything creative. Her weekends are spent starting new craft projects or escaping London to go on long walks in the countryside.