Lindsay Donovan

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Lindsay Donovan

DipArch Tech BSc Arch Tech

Lindsay is an Associate at JTP with close to 20 years’ experience designing and detailing residential projects.

She has worked on a wide range of private and public projects throughout the UK, and has brought many designs from planning stage through to construction and completion. She has detailed the construction of several award-winning projects in the UK.

Lindsay leads the technical team and is skilled at project management. She has a keen eye for detail and ensures high standards of output are fostered throughout the practice.

Lindsay has led several of our large scale projects such as Wembley South West Lands, Alconbury Weald in Huntingdon and a new phase of Channels, in Chelmsford.

Lindsay is also part of JTP's internal auditing team; supporting the practice-wide administration and HR teams in annually maintaining our ISO accreditation, and plays a key role in the use and implementation of BIM within the technical team.

In her spare time Lindsay is a keen photographer, often applying her skills to documenting our built projects for promotional and in-house use.