Janet Sutherland

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Janet Sutherland

BA (Hons)

Janet provides housing consultancy (including advice to Camden Council), strategic advice, preparation of seminars, and involvement in housing schemes, master planning and community consultation including participative neighbourhood planning processes. She provides strategic support and curating of seminars for The Academy of Urbansim, and co-ordinates the UniverCities programme.

Janet is a housing and regeneration specialist with a background of over 30 years in local government, housing associations and the voluntary sector. Previously she was Head of Strategic Housing and Regulatory Services for LB Lewisham. Before that she was LB Camden's Head of Housing Partnerships, where her responsibilities included all new affordable housing supply, neighbourhood renewal and regeneration, including leading on housing for Kings Cross Central.

Janet is on The ID&EA strategic housing framework agreement. She is a Board member of Aldwyck Housing Group, a Director of the London Housing Foundation, and an Academician of The Academy of Urbanism.