Dan Daley

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Dan Daley

Community Planner / Researcher

Central to JTP’s collaborative planning approach, Dan conducts analyses into urban contexts, works with people to shape collective visions for regeneration and manages engagement activities. His most recent work was on the Open Space Design Day at Wawne View, Hull and the Create Boulevards Holloway Road exhibition for the London Festival of Architecture. 

Initially trained as a collective theatre maker and playwright, Dan worked for several years as a producer of original theatre, including the artistic directorship of a youth-led theatre festival. He made the transition into urban research through his graduate study of participatory and co-produced urban design. He has since been to many parts of the world to learn from different people about their experiences shaping their cities. 

Outside of his work at JTP, Dan volunteers his time to support the NW+ST Neighbourhood Forum in creating a Neighbourhood Plan for North Woolwich and Silvertown in London’s Royal Docks. When not at work his pastimes include reading, writing, dancing and restoring old bicycles.