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Adam Bowie

BA (Hons)

As an Associate and Graphic Designer, Adam plays a key role in shaping narrative placemaking in projects and the stewardship of JTP’s brand. He is responsible for the creative leadership and management of the Graphics team.

Adam has extensive experience of coordinating and designing complex bids and supporting visual collateral for projects. His strengths lie in developing strong creative ideas with a strategic focus that add value through conveying the ambition, identity and uniqueness of a project. Working closely with the Communications and Graphics teams, he brings to life these stories through place branding, graphic design and illustration.

Adam has been involved in numerous design charrettes and has participated in community planning events throughout the UK and abroad, working as part of a multi-disciplinary team to deliver the collective vision of a project. His experience and passion for design, paired with this holistic approach ensures that each project has a distinctive look that feels right.

Aside from his work on bids, Adam has work on a number of projects including The Green Quarter, Oaks in Prague, Brunel Street Works and JTP’s own studio, Pennington Street Warehouse.

Outside of the office Adam actively pursues his interest in design, contributes to an online magazine, is a Gin enthusiast and part-time Epicurean.

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